With this set, you are at the beginning of an exciting adventure. You are the focal point of this self-reflection exercise. All decisions are in your hands, you decide where this adventure takes you, and you determine the process and content that you refresh or adopt. It’s a self-directed learning process. We are happy to provide you with different sets of tools to support you in this process.

To get started we recommend that you download and print all material available. Just click the button bellow.

Further bellow you may find also a video tutorial and the Facilitator manual to provide you with extra support in using this tool for Self-Reflection.


Facilitator Manual. – The first chapters are about the project and this specific tool.

If you prefer you can use this tool in digital format online. The tool saves automatically when you are using it. When you get back to it on the same device and browser it will get back to where you left before.
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