About Us

The Heart Of Reflection is a project co-funded by European Commission under Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme. It was implemented by 3 partner organisations from Portugal and Croatia: Posejdon, Produções Fixe and Ha Moment.

Our History

This was a 16 month project focusing on developing 3 products with the focus on ‘reflecting and debriefing’. During the process, a 4th product was born: a web app, to facilitate the use of the tool for self-reflection. Adaptation needed due to COVID-19 pandemic and how that affected our international work.
The tools passed by several stages starting by research, ideation, planning, creating, testing, improving and adapting towards the final result, following the methodology of Design Thinking.

Our Team

A consortium build by a NGO, a cooperative and a social company from Croatia and Portugal have engaged together to develop this project. Inside the team we had educators/ facilitators/ trainers, designers, project managers and youth workers. All with different backgrounds from Sociology, to Education, that were the perfect match to achieve the results planned.